Ubi Changing Table

The first thing that you will notice about the Ubi Changing Table is that it doesn’t really look like a table at all. The design is such that it offers a compact and stylish alternative to traditional changing tables.

The Ubi table is able to be used on the floor or placed on top of a bed of a bed or table in order to change your baby’s nappy. Therefore, it can be used standing up or kneeling down, whichever you feel most comfortable. Part of this unusual design also features something that the manufacturers think will help to make the whole nappy changing process more pleasant, easier and efficient.

Ubi Changing Table

The Baby Changing Table Nappy Dispenser

The really great and innovative thing about Ubi changing table is that it has a nappy dispenser built into the table that can hold up to eight nappies. At first glance it might look like the nappy dispenser is nothing more than gimmick, but upon closer inspection you will see that is a really useful addition to the changing table.

Standard versions of the table come with a dispenser that has straps to hold the nappies in place, whilst the deluxe version has a spring loaded nappy dispenser. The dispensers really do work and are perfect for holding your baby’s nappy in place whilst you are busy changing them.

The Surface of the Changing Table

The main surface of the Ubi Changing Table is made from a material that has hypoallergenic properties that makes it not only easy to clean and wipe but also helps to prevent bacteria from forming on the surface of the table.

Changing nappies on a bed or floor can sometimes be risky, especially when trying to prevent those little ‘accidents’ that baby’s are so good at having! The surface itself is also very easy to look at as the changing table comes in 4 different snazzy colours and patterns that look really great.

The Features Of This Changing Table

Here are some of the features that help to make the Ubi Changing Table stand out from others that are currently available:

  • Spring loaded dispenser lets makes sure that nappies are ready for every change
  • Fastener straps hold the nappies in place whilst you change your baby
  • Hypoallergenic upholstery can be easily cleaned in just a single wipe
  • Anti-micorbrial surface helps to prevent bacteria grow.

The Ubi Changing Table is unique in many ways and very different from other, more traditional changing tables. For one thing, it is a lot closer to the floor, so worrying about your child falling off the table is less of a worry.

Where can you buy a Ubi table?

The Ubi Changing Table has proved to be a real hit stateside and this stylish and hip changing table is likely to be just as successful in the United Kingdom.

The deluxe model is available for around £80 and the standard model costs somewhere in the region of £40. Currently, the best place to purchase this innovative product from Ubi is online, via Funky Kids Furniture.