Storkcraft Changing Table

A Storkcraft Changing Table can help to make your baby’s nursery or bedroom that little bit more special. Whilst some parents ponder whether a changing table is all that important when it comes to buying new items upon the birth of their baby, plenty of others regard a changing table as their single most important purchase.

Storkcraft Changing Table

The Stoke changing tableNot only does a table of this kind help to create the ideal place to change their new born, it also has many practical functions such as providing additional storage in the form of shelves or drawers.

Furniture for Baby Changing

It is probably fair to say that nappy changes aren’t one of the most pleasurable things about having a new born baby. However, when it comes to changing nappies parents can really be helped by purchasing furniture that is specifically designed with this task in mind.

Furniture such as the Storkcraft changing table can make nappy changing so much easier for both parent and child. The changing table is also very stylish in its design and once the baby has out grown the table it could quite easily be used as a very decorative and trendy piece of furniture that would suit most household settings.

Colours and Sizes Available in the Stockcraft range

The Storkcraft changing table is available in a number of different colours that will look just perfect in a baby’s nursery, bedroom or even in any other room in the house. The colours include cognac, oak, cherry, natural and black.

Once assembled the changing table is approximately 38” high, 20” wide and has a depth of 39”, meaning that the table is at a suitable height in order to prevent parents from bending over too far when changing their baby’s nappy as this could lead to them straining or injuring their back over a prolonged period of time.

The Changing Tables Features

The Storkcraft Changing Table comes with a number of features that really sets it out from other changing tables that are currently available. These features include:

  • Two large open storage shelves
  • Safety straps and change pad included
  • Only weighs 41 pounds
  • Made from high quality solid wood
  • Suitable for baby’s up to 30 pounds

The storage shelves that are on the Storkcraft Changing Table provide the perfect place to store nappies, ointments or clothes that can then be easily reached when you are in the middle of changing your baby.

Where is the best place to buy your changing table?

The Storkcraft Changing Table is available from a number of different retailers throughout the UK, both in the high street and online. Toys R Us is one example of a high street store that sells this kind of baby changing table, and you will most likely find this particular piece of furniture in their Babies R Us section.

Discount Cabin is one of the many online retailers that sell the Storkcraft Changing Table and you can expect to purchase one somewhere in the region of £150 to £300. Purchasing items online can often be very convenient and sometimes offer better value for money.