Da Vinci Changing Table

The da Vinci changing table comes in a whole range of difference shapes and sizes. There are also a wide range of different styles and finishes that you can also choose. They have been making baby changing tables for many years and also other accessories too.

What you will find here is a high-quality changing table that is both very sturdy and stylish to look at. All of their changing tables are made from wood and can come in different shapes of varnish and also in white.

Da Vinci Changing Table

What sort of Da Vinci changing tables are available?

There are two types of tables that are available they are:

  • Firstly there is the standard table that comes with a top section to change your baby, and it has two or three trays below that are open for easy access and storage.
  • The second kind is in the style of a cupboard and comes with a tray on top and either chest of drawers or cupboards at the bottom.

What are the main features of a Da Vinci changing table?

  • Every table no matter what the design, is made of New Zealand Pinewood. This has a very high quality finish and is very durable and will last an extremely long time.
  • All Da Vinci changing tables come with a waterproof mat for changing your baby on.
  • The tables are made with non-toxic materials so are completely safe for your baby too.
  • They all come with a draw just under the table so you can fit some essential items that will be only at a hands reach.
  • They also come with a wide range of different accessories so that you can collect the complete set from the crib to all of the supporting tables and cupboards. This is a fantastic little touch as it will finish off any baby's room.

How much can I buy one of these tables for?

The prices range from £100-£200 depending on what beaches you are after. The best place to buy these tables is to shop online and there are a wide range of stockists that will be able to supply the tables at a reasonable price.

Tips on how to buy a Da Vinci changing table

If you're going to spend is this sort of money on a baby changing table then it is important that you make sure you gets one that suits your needs and also fits into your home. When buying a Da Vinci changing table you must also consider all of the accessories that are available too. Here are some tips on how to choose your changing table:

  1. Make sure you choose one that suits your home and the furniture you have.
  2. Decide on what sort of baby changing table you want whether unique closed drawers or just a normal open one with trays.
  3. Also it is important to look into the future as you may want to buy their accessories that come with it and build up your child room around them. For example buying the crib and or so any drawers and cupboards that are matching will make the perfect finishing touch to any child's room.
  4. Lastly consider the price of the baby changing table and if you are going to purchase accessories in the future, work that into the budget too.
  5. And lastly shop around online for the best deals you'll find that there are many websites offering this brand of furniture so just by doing a little research you will be able to find the most competitive prices out there.