Gulliver Changing Table

A Gulliver Changing Table could be one of the most important purchases any new parents are likely to make, especially when it comes to nappy changing time! There are a million and one reasons why having a baby is one of life’s most wonderful experiences.

However, one of the not so wonderful experiences of being a new parent most certainly involves changing nappies. A newly born baby can sometimes require up to ten nappy changes per day and with this in mind it is important that you create a suitable environment for both you and your baby during these potentially smelly, messy and unpleasant times.

Gulliver Changing Table

Benefits Of Wooden Changing Tables

Wooden changing tables such as the Gulliver Changing Table are just are the ideal addition to any nursery or bedroom and can help to create the perfect environment in which your baby’s nappy easily and effectively.

Many wooden changing tables also come with extra storage facilities such as selves and drawers, which can also be very useful for storing nappies, creams, clothes and other items you might need during changing time.

A changing table is much more suitable for changing your baby’s nappy as opposed to changing them on a bed or the floor. A changing table can be easily cleaned should any little accidents or mishaps occur during changing time, whereas it is not so easy to clean your bed or the carpet.

Gulliver Table Product Information

A Gulliver Changing Table will be available in a variety of different colours so you will be able to choose one that best suits the room it will be going. They are usually made from birch and moisture resistant fibreboard. Here are some typical size specifications for this type of changing table:

  • Height – 93cm
  • Width – 82cm
  • Depth – 54cm

A Gulliver Changing Table is at a suitable height for many people and it prevents them from bending and straining their back as can be the case when changing a baby on a bed or on the floor.

Where Can You Buy a Gulliver Changing Table?

Probably the best place to by a Gulliver Changing Table is at IKEA as they have a wide range of different colours and styles to choose from. Also, because IKEA is such a well known furniture supplier throughout the world, you can be confident that the quality of the product is going to be very good. IKEA have a number of stores throughout the UK, but even if there is not a store close by, you can always order online and have the changing table delivered directly to your home.

Also there are many websites on the internet that offer great deals. Searching on the web first will allow you to compare prices and get the best deals.

This kind of changing table is likely to cost in the region of £60 and, as mentioned, it could be one of the most important and useful pieces of furniture you buy for your baby’s nursery.

A Few Extra Baby Changing Table Tips

It goes without saying that you always want your baby to be safe, so as with buying any furniture always check for any sharp edges, jagged edges or protruding nails that could harm your baby.