Brevi Changing Table

Most parents will have their own thoughts and ideas on the types of baby products that they consider to be essential ‘must haves’. One item that many new parents consider to an important and essential purchase is a baby changing table. A piece of furniture of this kind, such as the Brevi Changing Table, provides the perfect solution for parents who want to create the perfect environment where they can change and their baby simply and easily, without fear of messing up a new carpet, or some other important piece of furniture.

Brevi Changing Table

Why Choose This Make Of Baby Changing Table

A Brevi Changing Table can be a really good addition to your nursery room or baby’s bedroom. Not only do these types of changing tables look really stylish they also they also offer a multitude of practical features that can help to make nappy changing time but easier and pleasant for both you and your baby. First of all the changing table comes complete with a removable mattress that adds comfort for your child, which can also be easily cleaned. Changing tables can also provide parents with extra storage as many come with draws and shelves that can be used to store all the items you need in order to change your baby.

Features Of the Brevi Changing Table

A Brevi Changing Table comes with a wide range of innovative and useful features that are designed to help parents when it comes to changing their baby. Some of these features include:

  • Double safety lock that prevents the baby rolling off the changing mat
  • Removable mattress that is washable and can be used independently
  • Four rotating wheels, with breaks, that mean the table can be easily moved
  • Four draws for extra storage
  • Safety device that stops draws from accidently closing

Some models of the Brevi Changing Table even come complete with ergonomic bath tubs that are attached to the changing table that can be used to clean and the baby.

What Baby Changing Table Colours Are Available?

The Brevi Changing Table is available in a wide selection of different colours so you can be sure to find one that will suit the interior of a nursery or bedroom. Some of the colours that are available include ivory, beech, ciliegio and noce. There are even some available that are multicoloured and could help to create a really colourful focal point in any nursery or baby’s bedroom.

Where can you buy this baby changing table

A Brevi Changing Table is available at a number of different high street and online retailers. One such retailer is Mothercare who are one of the leading suppliers of products for babies throughout the UK and are used by millions of parents every year. Parents who purchase items from Mothercare can be confident that the goods will be well made and represent good value for money. A changing table from Brevi can cost anywhere in the region of £50 to £150 and a lot depend on the model of changing table and what additional features it comes with, such as drawers and bathing facilities.