Graco Changing Table

Introduction to the Graco changing table

Graco have been in existence for 60 years, but it is only in the last 50 years they have made furniture and other products for babies. Graco opened in Europe in the late nineties and have established themselves as one of the leading baby product manufacturers. They offer innovative and safety conscious products at a reasonable price.

Graco Changing Table

Graco changing tables have been recently launched and have sold well in a very competitive market.

How is the Graco table designed

Graco offer a range of changing tables for their customers. Each are stylish contraptions, which have been manufactured to ensure the safety of the child is the main priority. Each unit comes with a changing mat, and individually they are part of a set which comes with a cot and a wardrobe. There are five types of changing table which Graco offer:

  • Graco Lauren Changing Table
  • Graco Freeport Changing Table
  • Graco Sarah Changing Table
  • Graco Shannon Changing Table
  • Graco Charleston Changing Table

They all have in common the fact they are open fronted and are crafted out of wood. Their designs also follow a similar patter:

  • They have three levels with the top level acting as the area in which to change the baby. The mat should be placed on top, and is surrounded by wooden bars meaning the baby won't be able to fall off the table if the parent is momentarily distracted. The top level is at an appropriate height so the parent will be comfortable when changing the baby.
  • The bottom to levels are large spaces for storage. They are firmly attached to the unit and cannot be removed.
  • There are two wooden structures on either end of the unit at the top, meaning compartments can be attached to them to hold nappies and other items.
  • Each unit has wheels attached so they can be moved around the house with ease.

The thing that differentiates the changing tables are the styles they come in. Some are more modest simple structures, while the Graco Charelston changing table for instance, is crafted in a way to give it that old southern American look from years gone by.

These units also come in a range of colours to give the customer more of a choice. These colours are:

  • Cherry
  • Espresso
  • White
  • Natural

Where to find these types of changing table

The chances of finding a Graco changing table around the UK are very high. They are stocked in plenty of baby boutiques up and down the country. Usually the customer will be offered free delivery with every purchase, providing they live close by. Graco also offers a warranty, so any problems the customer might have with the contraption can be solved by returning it to the store of purchase who will then send it back to Graco to be repaired.

There is also the option of using Graco's website to purchase these items. It is very easy to navigate and once purchased, the product should arrive within two weeks.

What is the cost of the baby changing table?

The cost of a Graco Changing Table is very reasonable, and buying one will certainly not break the bank. All of the models are between £50 and £100.