Cariboo Changing Table

Changing nappies is all part of being a parent and even though its far from being one of the most enjoyable tasks in early parenthood, there is no getting away from the fact that nappy changing needs to be done, sometimes as often as ten times per day! Having an area in the house, such as a nursery can provide the perfect place for nappy changes to take place. A changing table can also be very helpful and a useful addition to any nursery. However, if you have limited space within your nursery you might want to consider purchasing the Cariboo changing table as this is perfect for houses with little room.

Cariboo Changing Table

The main benefit of this changing table

The Cariboo changing table is designed with simplicity in mind and its main purpose it to make changing your baby’s nappy a much easier process. Upon looking at this changing table from Cariboo, you will notice that it is not really a changing table at all and it actually looks more like a mini hammock for your baby. It is designed to help securely hold a baby who might want to wriggle about whilst they are having their nappy changed. These types of changers also have side pockets and a storage shelf that can be used to keep all of the essential items that you need to change your baby’s nappy and that are within easy reach.

The main features of this changing table

The other great thing about the Cariboo changing table is that the hammock that holds the baby, the side storage pockets and storage shelf are all completely machine washable which makes cleaning it a very simple process as you can just put them straight in the washing machine with your other laundry. It is also easily transportable as the folding changer can be folded up and taken from room to room. Here are some other features of the Cariboo Changing Table:

  • Made from eco friendly materials
  • Free from lead and other toxic materials
  • Health and safety certified
  • Easy to clean
  • Stylish and versatile

What are the available colours in the Cariboo changing range?

The Cariboo Changing Table comes in a range of different colours so you can be sure that you will find one to match the existing interior of your house. Popular colours include rimu teak wood with white fabric and espresso wood with natural fabric. There are other colours available that include rimu teak wood with natural fabric, espresso with white fabric, white wood with white fabric and natural wood that is also available with both white and natural fabric.

This Changing Table Is All the Way from New Zealand

The Cariboo Changing Table is originally from New Zealand but due to its huge popularity you can now purchase Cariboo products in the United Kingdom and throughout Europe. Cariboo cribs and changing tables vary in price but you can usually buy one for around £180. At the moment the best place to buy a changing table of this kind is directly from the UK section of the Cariboo website, where they will be able to ship the changing table directly to you.