Leksvik Changing Table

The Leksvik changing table is a remarkable piece of baby equipment that should be at the top of anyone's list. It is extremely sturdy and well made and also it has a lot of style to it as well. Its compact size and durability makes this one of the market leaders today.

Leksvik Changing Table

What are the features of this baby changing table?

  • The Leksvik changing table comes with two storage compartments, below the table and also to large drawers to put anything dangerous away and out of sight.
  • It features a large table that is durable and can take heavyweights.
  • It is made out of wood and is not painted so will fit into any rooms setting.
  • When your child has grown up and no longer needs to use table it can be easily converted into a cupboard that can be used to store clothes or any other items.
  • It comes in a flat pack form which means it's easy for delivery this and can be installed in less than half an hour.

Why should I buy the Leksvick changing table?

This table makes good sense and is great value for money, it can be used for a variety of things not just changing babies’ nappies. It makes great for storing all the essential items that you will meet for dressing your child. It is available at an affordable price and can be found online and in retail stores.

  • There are also a wide range of accessories that are matching for example you can buy a crib that comes in the same colour and complements the changing table.
  • It is made from good quality wood and there are no colours so it's safe for children to play around.
  • The table comes in a standard size so all mattresses should fit with ease.

How much is the Leksvick table?

The table is priced at seven around hundred and £120 and is great value for money as it is versatile and can be used for many years as a normal cupboard.

Where can I buy one?

The best place to buy one is online as you can get it delivered straight to your door and don’t have to leave your home. IKEA are the main stockists of this and you can visit their website for further details.

If you are not sure about buying this table then why not search online for reviews on the Leksvick changing table. They are all mostly positive hands everyone who has bought this table has been satisfied with their purchase.

If you are looking for a daily changing table and you are on a budget then this one makes a lot of sense. Not only is it stocked by one of the worlds leading retailers so quality is assured, but is also versatile and can be used as just a normal cupboard. This puts the value for money very high and it would last many years, and even until your child has left for University.