Jeni Lind Changing Table

An Introduction To The Jeni Lind Changing Table Brand

Jeni Lind was a 19th century Swedish opera singer who rose to prominence when she was a child, and was taken under the wing of P.T Barnum. Considered a sweet girl who dedicated a lot of time to charity, Jeni Lind won fans from all over the world. Now a baby changing table has been created in her name, and goes a long way to honour her childhood image.

Jeni Lind Changing Table

The Design Features Of This Changing Table

The Jeni Lind Changing Table combines elegance with a sturdy design and safety conscious features. It boasts a traditional style and would blend into the background in any room in the house, such is the subtlety of the design.

It is an open faced changer, carved out of wood, with wooden rails running up along the side of the changer. Each of the wooden rails are fully turned spindles to give the changing unit a classic timeless look. The changer is split into three sections:

  1. The top section has a place for a mat to fit securely onto its surface. There is also a belt running across the surface which can hold the infant in place when they are being changed. Finally this section has wooden rails running along the sides making it impossible for the baby to fall off the changer.
  2. The middle and lower section are used for storage space, where items such as towels, nappies, lotions and toys can sit comfortably and bring the baby changer to life. These sections are very wide and have an adequate depth.
  3. There is also the option of attaching compartments to the side of the changer in order to keep things like nappies close to hand when the baby is being changed.

Customers who also purchase this item will get a changing mat included in the price, and they can be assured that there is no harmful materials such as lead or phthalate contained in the changing unit. What’s more is the Jeni Lind Changing Unit comes in a variety of colours. They are:

  • Cherry
  • Ebony
  • Oak
  • Pink
  • White

Where can you buy a Jini Lind Table

There are some small businesses which sell baby products that have this changing unit in stock. These stores are located in the major cities in the UK and are typically boutiques, which stock high-end of the market products. Some larger boutiques have websites, so it is a good idea to check them out and shop around a bit before making a purchase.

It is also possible to import this unit from the United States. There are many websites which specifically sell baby products who stock the Jeni Lund Changing Table. To ship this product across to the UK, there is a nominal delivery fee and the customer should expect their unit within two weeks of placing an order.

The Cost owning a Jeni Lind table

The cost of this baby changing unit depends on where you buy from. It can be cheaper to get it imported from the US since this guarantees a starting price of $99 with extra money needed to pay for delivery and import tax. However, it is possible to find stores in the UK which stock them for around the same price, but usually expect to pay a bit extra.