Pre Loved Changing Table

The old fashioned way to change a baby is to lay down a changing mat on the floor, and then change your baby on top of this. But that is only for people who are not aware of the Pre Loved changing table.

This is not a brand but rather a website offering second hand baby changing tables. There are a selection of baby changing tables that help parents though out the day and night change their baby’s nappies. You can purchase high quality items at an affordable price.

Pre Loved Changing Table

This site is growing in popularity with mothers all over the UK, as prices have risen and people are still finding it hard coping with daily expenses it makes sense to buy second hand.

How to decide what design of table to buy

You will see a wide range of changing tables on offer and may be over whelmed with some of the fantastic designs that are available at a reasonable price.

Here are a few things to consider:

  • Where you are going to put it. The reason for this is to make sure you have enough space for one. There is no point in buying a Pre Loved changing table that won’t fit in your home.
  • Make sure you not only measure the space of the area you intend to put it in, but also how big the potential table is.
  • What type of design you are after will also play and important part of the buying decision.
  • Remember you are buying second hand so there is no returns policy if you have bought one that is too big or small for your purposes.

Types of changing tables available

There are many different types available:

  • You can buy a table that actually doubles up as furniture, like a chest of drawers.
  • You can purchase a standard table which stands on four legs.
  • The other option is you can get ones which can be mounted horizontally to a wall. These then fold up which saves you having to keep getting the table out of the cupboard.

It is entirely up to you which type of design you choose, buy remember you will be limited for choice as you can only buy what others are selling.

Are baby changing tables expensive to buy on Pre Loved?

This depends on what you want from your table. Many pre loved changing tables are quite basic and are made from plastic as opposed to a wooden structure. The price can vary from anything between £20 to a few hundred pounds, if it doubles up as furniture.

Some are just basic tables whilst others can have many storage drawers underneath, or shelves to store the other items you need when changing your baby.

Don’t forget you have to either arrange delivery or collection on top of the price.

Features to look out for when buying a second hand changing table

To get a good deal on a Pre Loved changing table it is important to know some of the standard features to look out for these include:

  • Wall mounts
  • Wheels so they can easily be moved
  • Safety straps
  • Bag hooks
  • Lifted edge (To stop the changing mat sliding)