Next Changing Tables

Trading since the early 1980's, Next have established themselves as one of the leading retailers for offering fashion and accessories for both sexes and a range of items for the home. They operate in 500 store throughout the UK and a further 180 stores internationally, as far away as Japan. In recent times they have offered their customers great prices on all kinds of infant clothing and furniture.

Next Changing Tables

They have been selling a range of baby changing tables for a while now. There are an array of designs to choose from, but all are stylishly made and fit well amongst other household furniture.

The Changers that are on offer

The simpler changing tables which are a better option for those who prefer practicality over style, are the changers. Crafted out of pinewood, they are safe and durable units and come in either white or a natural pine finish. They all have:

• A top level surrounded by a wooden barrier in which a changing mat can fit securely.

  • Areas around the top level where compartments can be attached to hold nappies and other materials related to changing an infant.
  • Open-fronted levels below where items can be stored so they are close to hand when the changing table is in use.

Some Next changing tables of this variety also have wheels attached, so they can be moved throughout the house. Also, some come with a concealed bath, water drainer and plug, so the baby can be bathed in comfort before putting on a new nappy.

What Changing Table Dressers Are On Offer?

For those who want to purchase a changing table that blend in with the rest of the furniture in the nursery or the home, a dresser is an excellent choice. The beauty of a dresser is that when the infant outgrows nappies, this style of changing table can then be transformed into an elegant chest of drawers for use around the home.

The dressers will have:

  • An area on top where the changing mat can be placed securely with additional space to put nappies and other items, when the baby is being changed.
  • Either three levels of drawer space below the upper level or two small cupboards, all of which have enough room to keep large objects the baby needs to use, and store nappies and lotions.

Some have a rail attached on the side to hold towels, and when the dresser no longer needs to be used as a changing table, this can be removed, as can the changing area on top, thus transforming it into a chest of drawers. The dresser comes in a range of styles - some traditional, others more modern with pictures on to brighten up the nursery.

What are the prices of changing tables at Next?

The cheapest option is to purchase a changer which will cost no more than £100. The dressers are more expensive, and can cost up to £250, although the buyer should realize that they will be able to used for a longer time than the changers. Next changing tables come with a warranty, and they can be delivered and assembled in the home for no extra cost.