Changing Table Stockists

The growing popularity of changing tables is exemplified by the number of manufacturers making them, and the number of stores who now stock them. They are practical devices which can house all the appropriate materials related to changing your baby's nappy. They come in all kinds of elegant designs and blend in perfectly with other furniture in the household.

Changing Table Stockists

Baby Changing Table Designs

The changing table is usually split into three levels, combining functionality and style. On the top level, a changing mat fits comfortably on top of the unit and is guarded by a rail so the baby cannot fall off the unit. Compartments are placed around the edge of this level which can store nappies and baby wipes, so they are close to hand when the baby is being changed.

The next two levels down work well as storage for other items relating to changing such as towels and infant toiletries. They are designed at a comfortable height for parents to change their babies and some have wheels so they can be moved around the house with ease.

There is another style of changing table which incorporates subtlety into the design, by making them appear to look like small cabinets. In this way they fit effortlessly into most rooms and it is hard to tell what their purpose is. They have an area on the top of unit to change the baby, while underneath are drawers to store changing materials. These units are normally made out of wood making them look even less like a changing table.

Where can you buy changing tables?

There are a host of UK companies who offer accessories, furniture and other items for newborns who have begun stocking changing tables. Also, some famous retailers, such as John Lewis, Tesco and Argos, all have an array of changing tables.

These changing table stockists sell changing tables, either individually, or as part of a set, which includes the changing table, a crib and a wardrobe, all in the same style. It is possible to visit these stores or go online to find the changing table you desire.

Added to this, online baby specialist websites also offer changing tables for their customers, and in many cases the buyer can make some great savings. Sites such as Mamas and Papas and Green Baby all stock a range of changing tables.

How much does a quality table cost?

Simpler designs, which value the practical over the stylish, tend to be priced at around the £200 mark. More elaborate designs increase in price, although these changing tables are well worth purchasing for extra storage space. At the top end of the scale it is possible to find changing tables which can be turned into a bookshelf, a TV table or a desk once the infant outgrows it, extending their use beyond a few years. These changing tables usually cost around £450.

Ordering online can guarantee the buyer savings, as there are websites which can point new parents in the directions of special offers. Changing table stockists usually offer free warranty and free delivery for those interested in purchasing.