Baby Centre Changing Table-1

Many parents when changing their baby’s nappy tend to use changing mats which are placed on the floor. This can sometimes cause the parents aches and pains. An alternative to this would be to use a baby centre changing table.

A baby centre changing table means that you can change your baby’s nappy whilst standing, giving you more freedom to work on getting your baby nice and clean. There are many different types of changing tables and most of them usually come with storage or shelves underneath, meaning you can have all the equipment you need to clean your baby within easy reach.

Baby Centre Changing Table-1

Baby centre changing tables will usually also have edges on them to ensure that when you are cleaning your baby, the changing mat won’t slip about. And let’s admit it; babies can be quite a wriggly little lot!

Where you can buy a changing table from?

There are many places you can buy changing tables from, but the easiest way to find one you like, would be to look online. Places like Amazon and eBay have many for sale and there are also websites which specifically trade in baby care products. Just type baby centre changing table into a search engine and you will find plenty of options!

Some other places you can buy changing tables from are:

  • John Lewis
  • Argos
  • Ikea

How much do baby changing tables cost?

As there are many different types of baby centre changing tables available, the prices can vary quite a bit. Some changing tables also double up as furniture and because of this they can be quite expensive.

Prices will range from anywhere between £20 for a very basic one, to a few hundred pound for a decent one that doubles up as furniture. You may find some even cheaper than £20 on sites like Amazon and eBay.

Tables from Argos vary from between £50 to £100.

Different types of tables that are available

As I mentioned there are many different types of tables available. The very basic ones will just be tables with no storage underneath. Whilst the ones which do have storage or shelves attached are likely to be more expensive. You can even get tables that double up as a chest of drawers so they can actually look like a nice piece of furniture.

Also, while some come in the form of plain wooden tables or wooden furniture, others come in a more baby like way. By this I mean that they are more suited to the baby with a colourful pattern and more playful image. These may also be made from plastic rather than wooden.

Why Should You Buy A Baby Centre Table?

Some parents are happy with the basic baby changing mat which is placed on the floor to change their baby, but some do find this an inconvenience and would prefer to stand. Some parents will also use their current furniture or maybe a normal table to change their baby. The baby centre changing table is an alternative to this which gives the parent more freedom and control when changing their baby.