King Craft Changing Table

If you have a disabled son or daughter then you will understand that using specialist equipment that can provide you with an effective solution to help care for your child can be very beneficial.

The UK’s leading specialists in providing equipment for disabled children and adults are King Craft and they produce a wide range of solutions for showering, changing, bathing and toileting. They also provide seating, mobility products, as well as practical accessories such as the King Craft changing table.

King Craft Changing Table

Benefits of Using a Changing Table

The main benefits of using a King Craft changing table include:

  • Provides a safe environment for you to change your child
  • They are practical to use for both parent and child
  • Cost effective
  • Can offer additional storage space

These benefits are some of the reasons why many parents choose to use a changing table rather than simply changing their child on a bed or on the floor, where unpleasant accidents might occur that will take a considerable amount of time and effort to clean up.

Modern Baby Changing Table Designs

A King Craft changing table is not only a practical solution for parents when it comes to changing their child but they can also be designed in such a way that they can fit into all different sizes and shapes of rooms.

Some changing tables are available that are wall mounted so after you have finished using them they can be easily folded away, which is perfect for rooms with limited space. You can also get stand alone changing tables that offer another dimension of safety and durability and they can also included storage areas such as shelves or drawers.

Safety Features Of a King Craft Table

A King Craft changing table will also have a number of safety features that will help to ensure your child is safe and secure whilst they are using the changing the table. Most notably, these safety features many include railings or some sort of safety straps that will prevent the child from falling out of the changing table.

These features can also be very beneficial for parents as they help to keep the child secure, which means that parents have both hands free in order to be able to change their child quickly and effectively. Many changing tables also come with a cushioned surface that will also help to provide a safe and comfortable environment for your child.

Information on King Kraft Changing Tables

King Kraft is based in Sheffield and has been providing specialist products for disabled children and adults since 1984. Their popular range of products such as the King Craft changing table is just one of many that are designed to help make the life of a parent or carer a little easier.

King Craft can also provide demonstrations of all their products so if you need any further information they will be more than happy to help you. In order to see King Craft’s full range of products you can visit their company website or search online.