KiddiCare Changing Table

A KiddiCare Changing Table could be the perfect addition to a child’s nursery or first bedroom. New parents will be all too aware that new baby’s nursery will take a lot of planning, consideration and money to get it just right.

It is important that you create the perfect environment for baby to be comfortable in, whilst also providing a practical space for you to be able to things such as change nappies and care for your new born child. Therefore, a changing table can provide both comfort and practicality for both child and parent.

KiddiCare Changing Table

Why Use a Baby Changing Table?

A table that is specially designed for baby changing time provides a comfortable environment for both parent and child. For example if a parent chooses to change their baby on a bed or the floor then they run the risk of bending over unnecessarily and damaging their back. Not only this, but a KiddiCare Changing Table will also help to keep your child comfortable and place whilst you are changing their nappy.

A changing table also prevents any unpleasant mishaps from occurring on the bed or floor, which might take a considerable amount of time to clean up afterwards.

Important Features of a Changing Table

Apart from being a suitable height, a KiddiCare changing table should also be sturdy and secure so that it provides not only comfort but a safe environment for your baby. It should also have a safety railing or secure straps that go around the outside of the table that will prevent your baby from inadvertently falling off the changing table. The changing table can also come with storage facilities such as shelves or draws and this is another important feature for anyone who is looking for additional storage space for things such as nappies, clothes and other accessories that parents need for their baby.

Where to Buy a Changing Table?

The best place to look for a KiddiCare changing table is online and the KiddiCare website is one of the UK’s most popular websites for the selling baby products. They have a wide range of products available including prams, car seats, cots, beds and other nursery or baby furniture. A changing table from KiddiCare can set you back anywhere in the region of £50 to £300 depending on what sort of table you go for. KiddiCare also provide a 24 hour delivery for all orders that are placed before 5pm so you can be sure that you will receive your new changing table in next to no time and even if the table is not suitable they also offer a 365 day return policy.

Baby Changing Table Features

A KiddiCare changing table can be a really useful piece of furniture for both parent and baby and ordering it online can also be really beneficial. Some of the main advantages of ordering online with KiddiCare include:

  • A wide range of changing tables
  • Next day delivery service
  • Comprehensive return policy
  • Delivery can even be arranged by text message