Ikea Changing Table

Being a new parent is not always easy, and changing nappies several times a day can be strenuous. There is a more convenient way to change a baby, and that is buy using a baby changing table. Ikea are one of the retailers that offer changing tables at an affordable price, they are also designed to fit into your home without disrupting the look of it.

Ikea Changing Table

One of the Ikea changing tables can double up as a chest of drawers this is an amazing feature and should be considered by all potential buyers as it means that the use of the changing table will be longer, saving you money.

Ikea are a Swedish firm and have offered affordable furniture to Britons for many years. The beauty of their products is the fact that it can be bought at good price and comes in an easy to assemble flat pack design.

Being a new parent means that sometimes you don’t know what items are out there for your baby. Here are some tips of what to look for when shopping in Ikea for your next table.

What kinds of tables are available at Ikea?

There are many types of different tables available from very basic ones, to the ones like the Ikea changing table which doubles up as furniture. Below are a few of the different types.

  • Standard Table (no storage)
  • Standard table (with storage)
  • Furniture tables (chest of drawers/cabinets)
  • Wall mounted tables

The tables with storage will include shelves or drawers, usually underneath and these are very convenient for storing the other items you need when changing your baby, like talcum powder nappies etc.

Is an Ikea Changing Table Expensive?

This depends on the type you buy. Most Ikea changing tables are in the £50 to £100. But you can pay a lot more depending on the specification you want.

However, there are many basic tables available which are just as convenient, and these can range from £20 upwards. If you buy one for £20 though there may be no storage included.

What are the benefits?

There are many benefits of having an Ikea changing table. They are:

  • You don t have to sit or crouch so there is a lot more freedom to move around whilst standing.
  • There are also usually bag hooks on the tables which are handy, as you can place the nappy bag on these whilst you finish changing your baby.
  • Also there is plenty of storage space so you will not have to run over to the other side of the room to find nappies or anything else you have forgotten.

Why should I buy from Ikea?

The reason you should purchase your table from Ikea is the fact that they arte local to most people and also offer a delivery service. But the best reason is that you will be able to find a whole load of accessories as well. So you will be able to do all your shopping under one roof.

They offer cots, cupboards, bedding, mattresses, decorations, toys, and almost everything you can think of. This means that for an affordable price you can decorate and furnish a complete nursery.