Wall Mounted Changing Table

If you're expecting a newborn then there are quite clearly many different things that you need to purchase for your baby and his or her new nursery. Aside from the cot and other baby accessories, the changing table is also one of the most important purchases and needs numerous considerations before you part with your money.

Wall Mounted Changing Table

Why choose a wall mounted table?

A wall mounted changing table is extremely useful as these will not only allow you more space in perhaps a smaller nursery but will also allow you to change your baby’s nappy whilst standing up.

When compared to other changing tables being models such as the dresser table, the wall mounted examples are not as sturdy and robust but do come with other beneficial features. As they are mounted against the wall, once you have finished changing your baby’s nappy you simply fold it up out of the way.

When choosing your wall mounted changing table you need to consider the following factors:

  • Personal budget is obviously an important factor when shopping for your baby changing table. However, you should not simply look to spend as much as possible but perhaps look at more important aspects such as the materials used for your wall mounted changing table.
  • Quite clearly your baby will need changing numerous times throughout any given day and therefore you must ensure that your baby is going to be comfortable. Check to see whether the material on the changing table is comfortable and also ensure that the wall mounted unit is sturdy and robust.
  • Once you have found a model that you like, other aspects which determine the retail value may include such things as the styling and design. If you are unsure about how your new wall mounted baby changing table will against your nursery then a safe selection would be to choose a wooden unit. Not only are these sturdier than many plastic examples but they will more often than not contrast perfectly against any nursery design or style.

Different changing table manufacturers to choose from

A well-known manufacturer in the UK who produce high-quality wall mounted changing tables is Woodform Manufacturing Ltd. This company not only produce wall mounted examples but every different style of changing table including dresser styles, folding styles, portable styles and also over cot examples.

With a budget of around 50 pounds or more you can be confident that your purchase will be of high quality and will last throughout the duration of your baby’s early stages.

Also, many of the top manufacturers that supply baby changing tables to the UK market will offer refund guarantees. Quite often new parents will purchase a baby changing table only to find that after a week or so it was not quite what they needed so ensure that your purchase comes with at least a two week money-back guarantee.

Finally, many of the best examples will also come with a three or four year guarantee that means your purchase will last you and your baby from the first few days, all the way through to the toddler stages of his or her life.