Public Changing Table

As many new parents will understand, there are numerous things that you need for your baby and aside from small toys and things for the nursery, a good quality changing table must also be considered. Due to our fast paced lifestyle, many parents in the UK today often both have to work meaning that you will need to have supplies that make life easier, especially when changing your baby in public. A public changing table, also known as a mobile changing table, allows you to conveniently fold the table and place it in a bag and when the time calls you simply unfold it and change your baby’s nappies completely hassle free.

Public Changing Table

Before buying a public changing table you should consider the following factors:

  • Try to ensure that the fabric used for the public changing table is comfortable for your baby and also easy to clean after you have changed your baby’s nappies.
  • The fabric is not the only thing that you should consider when regarding the comfort of your baby as also the size of the public changing table is just as important.

In a basic sense, if you would like a hassle free changing session with your baby then you must seek to find the biggest public changing table to allow maximum room for your baby and also to place nappies and other such items on the table whilst you are doing the duties so-to-speak.

The idea of a public changing table is to make life as convenient as possible and therefore it is sensible to assume that the lighter the public changing table is, the easier it will be to carry from one location to another. Whilst there are many lightweight examples available, you must consider this material against the robustness and sturdiness of the unit. This is simply because public changing tables can often wear down extremely quickly if the quality is not up to standard.

How much do public baby changing tables cost?

Luckily for parents and consumers in the UK, public changing tables are often extremely cheap and also of high quality. For around 20 pounds, parents are now able to purchase high-quality examples manufactured by well-known and respected brands such as Woodform Manufacturing Ltd who also produce other types of changing tables. This includes dresser tables, over cot tables and also over bath examples.

What are the guarantees with a changing table?

When purchasing a public changing table make sure that your proposed selection also comes with a money back guarantee of at least 28 days. As there are so many different examples to choose from parents are often overwhelmed and simply pick up the first changing table they see, only to find that a week down the line it does not suit their specific requirements.

In addition to the money back guarantee, also ensure that the respective manufacturer offers a warranty of at least two years. There are however, numerous manufacturers of public changing tables that offer a warranty of three or even four years so be sure to carry out some research and maybe have through some online reviews beforehand.