Disable Changing Table

For disabled parents a standard changing table can present an extremely difficult task when changing your baby’s nappies. Luckily for those with physical disabilities, manufacturers in the UK and throughout the world have acknowledged the need for disabled changing tables that make life that little bit easier for parents that would otherwise have difficulty changing their baby’s nappies.

Disable Changing Table

A disabled changing table however is a little bit more expensive than standard changing tables due to the features that often allow you to adjust the height of the table among other things.

Disabled changing tables are available for small babies, infants and also adult as manufacturers quite clearly understand that disabilities do not only affect babies and young children.

There are usually three different types of disable changing tables for people to choose from and these are typically as follows:

  • A wall mounted changing table is perhaps one of the most sturdiest and robust that is completely suitable for large children. Whilst they are indeed strong, they are usually the most costly of all the examples as many of them come with hydraulic or mechanically operated positioning functionalities that allow you to adjust the height of the table also.
  • Freestanding disabled changing tables are perhaps not as secure as wall mounted examples but they certainly are a lot more convenient and easier to use. Again, this particular example of model comes with all the same functionalities as the wall mounted example and also comes coupled with quite an expensive price tag.
  • The third example of a disabled changing table is the mobile example. As the name quite clearly suggests, this particular model allows you to transport the changing table from one locality to another which is especially beneficial for professionals such as Carers and Social workers in the UK who often need to travel with their disabled clients.

Your Budget and Models Available in the Changing Table Range

If you do require a disabled changing table you will need quite a sufficient budget to be able to afford a good quality unit. Numerous manufacturers offer disabled changing tables starting at around 1000 pounds and often 3 or 4 times as much as this.

What type of changing table is recommended?

Some of the best disabled changing table units are manufactured by a company known as Grandberg and the nursing table 334 series is a particular popular example used for small babies. With this example and like many others, you are able to lower the table completely to the ground using a handhold control connected to a lead.

What are the safety aspects involve when it come to changing tables?

As this is a mechanical device, safety is also at the forefront of manufacturer’s priorities. The tables also consist of such devices as anti-entrapment sensors coupled with safety switches at the base of the unit to prevent movement when sensing resistance from below.

People in the UK are also able to choose from disabled changing tables to be used under shower units. These are particularly beneficial and also a necessary purchase for those who work or live with disabled adults.