Changing Table Steps

Your baby can quickly grow and before you know it, they are now running around the house. This toddler stage of your child’s life is where they are very active, full of limitless energy and will always run around and play all day. Your child is not yet grown up; in fact, your child is just a big baby now. You will still need to change and dress them up.

Changing Table Steps

Changing table steps are a good piece of furniture to have when changing your little toddler whenever they come running to you all sweaty and dirty from play. Toddlers can become so heavy that you may have difficulty lifting them on to a changing table.

Benefits of buying changing table steps

  • You can buy them instead of the common changing tables even when they are still infants. This way, when they are a little older, you can still use them for changing your child’s clothes and for cleaning them up.
  • The child can go up the changing table thanks to the steps. They will have fun doing it and won’t really mind going up the changing table steps for cleaning.
  • You won’t have to go down on your knees or bend your back just to clean your child and change their clothes.

Changing table steps are just like ordinary changing tables where you can change your child’s dirty clothes or diapers. The only difference is, changing tables are intended for babies, while using changing table steps mean toddlers can use them too.

Tips for choosing changing table steps

  • Your child is a lot bigger and heavier than a baby now. Choose something that is durable and is good quality. Wooden changing table steps are much better than those made with metal frames because wood is more solidly built than metal framed ones. Take note of the type of wood that is used too.
  • Guard rails or anything that your child can hold on to is a big plus. Toddlers can be pretty restless and impatient and they will tend to move around a lot even when they are waiting to be dressed. Having a guard rail can help prevent accidents happening to your child.
  • Space can be come an issue with buying these kinds of furniture. To save a little space, choose the model where you can detach, fold, or hide the steps when it is not in use. There are models that have ladders instead of steps, which can save space. The only thing about ladders is they are more difficult for a toddler to use than steps.
  • Look for models for kind of furniture whose storage compartment is big enough to hold the steps and your kid’s immediate needs like extra shirts, powders, first aid kits, etc.

Changing table steps can be a fun way to get your little toddler to change their dirty clothes once in a while. They can have fun going up the steps for a quick clean up. These changing table steps are available on many websites everywhere. Take your time to look around for good quality models.