Changing Table Bath

Bathing your baby can become a problem when you don’t have the proper place to bathe them. Some parents will bathe their babies on the kitchen sink or in the laundry tub, while others do it in their bath tubs. These places are fine for some parents, but there are those who want nothing but the best for their babies and will want a proper place for them to use. A good alternative to using kitchen sinks, laundry tubs, and bath tubs for bathing your baby is a changing table bath.

Changing Table Bath

Changing table bath is a combination of a changing table and a baby bath in one. It can function as regular changing tables where you can safely change your baby’s diaper and it could function as a baby bath which lets you wash them.

Benefits of buying Changing table baths

  • Buying a changing table bath will give you a proper and safe place to wash your baby. Unlike kitchen sinks and bath tubs where there are hard surfaces that can hurt your baby, these tables will give a safer environment to wash in.
  • You will no longer need to get down on your knees and bend over just to wash your baby. These baths are designed to be high enough for any adult to wash their child while standing up.
  • Changing table baths will usually have wheels; therefore you can move it around and place it where you need it. You can station it in your bedroom if you are going to use it as a changing table. You can move it near a tap in the kitchen or in the bathroom, if you car going to use it as a baby bath.
  • You can also save money by buying this combination item than getting a separate changing table and baby bath.
  • All your baby’s needs can be organised in the storage space located in the bottom of this item. No more missing pieces of your baby’s needs when you need them because you can find them all in one place.

By getting the changing table bath, you will save money and also space. There are many of these items that can be bought at various online stores worldwide.

Common features of an infant changing table bath

  • They can be assembled and disassembled. This feature will vary in difficulty from different manufacturers and designs.
  • There is a set of wheels attached so that they can be easily moved around the house.
  • The baby bath can be easily converted in to a changing table by simply placing the changing pad on the baby bath so that you can wash and dry your baby at the same place.
  • There is a storage area in the bottom where you can place all you baby’s clothes, diapers, and all that the baby will need when taking a bath or changing the diaper.
  • Designed to let you wash or change your baby while standing up. No more sore backs or knees.

Where can you buy a good baby table bath?

There are many retailers like John Lewis and MotherCare who offer these at an affordable price. You will have to pay extra for these and the will come mainly in metal and plastic materials. The prices start from around £120 and can go up to as much as £300.

It will depend on the specification you choose and the brand that you are buying.