Changing Table Accessories

Changing tables are a valuable piece of equipment that every parent needs. Most parents think that getting a changing table is a waste of money because a baby can quickly outgrow the use of it. If you think about it, the first months after the baby is born will be the hardest part. A day would seem like months. If you do not have a changing table, where would you change your baby’s diapers? At your bed or sofa, where it could be ruined by the baby’s waste or on the floor, where it’s cold?

Changing Table Accessories

Uses of changing tables and changing table accessories

Changing tables will make removing diapers easier and more hygienic. When you have a changing table, you could further improve its usability by getting a range of changing table accessories. They are not really required when you buy a changing table; however, it will make your job easier because it can add additional functions that you will surely benefit from.

Kinds of changing table accessories

There are different types of changing table accessories that are available on the market. You can either buy just the accessories that you think are needed or you could buy them all if you want to. Here they are:

  • Changing Table Organiser – This accessory will provide you with everything that you will need at a reachable place. They can contain the diapers, baby creams and powder, etc. The prices will range from £10 and can be found on websites like Amazon and Mothercare.
  • Changing Table Bath – This accessory will let you turn your changing table into a baby bath. This will usually come with the changing table as a fixed piece. The prices for these tables are from £100. Retailers such as Argos, Toys ‘R’ Us and Mothercare will stock these.
  • Changing Table Mats – This accessory will prevent your baby from falling on the changing table, making the process of changing diapers safer for babies. This is one of the cheapest accessories that can be bought and are available at most retailers. Some of the best prices can be found on the internet. Baby World, Argos, Ikea, John Lewis are just a few who offer these and they can be bought for as little as £10.
  • Changing Table Matching Furniture – This accessory is designed to complement the changing table. These are perfect for those people who want matching furniture at home. Delta offer a combo set from £120 which comes with a matching crib. This means that all of your furniture in the room will look in sync. There are also matching chest of drawers and other pieces that can be found for around the £100 marker. One of the best places to shop is at Ikea.
  • Changing Table Storage – This accessory is like an organiser which is placed at the bottom of the changing table. You can put all your baby items that you will need in this changing table accessory. These can be costly as they can sometimes include drawers to put equipment away. This doesn’t always have to be the case, as Ikea offer the Leksvik changing table which converts into a normal one so can be used as just a regular cupboard. This is priced at £120.
  • Changing Table Steps – this accessory is like a ladder which can be used by toddlers to get up the changing table. You will be able to find these at most online stores from £15, it is recommended that when buying the changing table you should get one with steps to save money and also they will match.

These are all the kinds of changing table accessories that you can add to your changing tables. They are not really necessary, but having then will make the process a lot easier.

Where to get these accessories from

You can get changing table accessories from different furniture makers and shops everywhere. You can also get them from various websites online. The prices of these changing table accessories will vary depending on the quality of wood used and from which maker they came from.