Changing Table Reviews

Choosing the right changing table is adamant for parents who want to take the often backbreaking task of changing nappies out of everyday mother and fatherhood.

As one would expect, there are numerous changing tables available to U.K consumers and each example will offer various beneficial aspects. Here is a review of some of the most popular changing tables available in the U.K today.

Changing Table Reviews

Badger Basket Baby Changing Table with 6 Baskets

This is a particularly attractive baby changing table that looks great when contrasted against both modern and traditionally styled nurseries. This is an especially sturdy unit that helps parents store away everything out of eyesight to keep the nursery looking clean and organised.

There are actually three large baskets under the unit that allow you to store everything from toys, sheets, nappies and clothing. There are also three smaller pull-out baskets that are ideal for smaller supplies such as toiletries and other accessories that you may need close to hand.

Whilst this is one of the more expensive examples of changing tables available to the UK market it has received rave reviews and is certainly one of the sturdier tables. Recommended retail price starts at around £200 yet many suppliers offer discounts of 20% or above.

South Shore Changing table in Pure White

Again this is perhaps one of the more attractive models available to the UK market and retail price starts at around £169. As the name of the unit clearly suggests it is decorated in bright whites and looks really nice when contrasted against a modernly decorated nursery.

It is constructed from wood and has two draws underneath to help you store all of your baby’s accessories whether be the sheets, clothes or otherwise. Perhaps one reassuring factor that comes with the South Shore changing table is the fact that the child friendly safety locks on the draws come coupled with a lifetime warranty also.

Koala Care KB101 Vertical Wall Mounted Changing Station

This great changing table is actually a unit that fixes permanently to your wall. Constructed using specially adapted plastic that inhibits bacteria growth, this has become one of the most popular baby changing tables as it is not only safe for your baby presenting an extremely sturdy structure, but it is also extremely convenient to use.

There is a built-in rubbish liner facility and the pneumatic gas springs assist the operation when opening and closing the base of the unit. It is also quite a large unit meaning accidental falls are far less likely with this particular model- dimensions are 22 inches wide and 35 inches deep.

The recommended retail price for the Koala Care KB101 vertical wall mounted changing station starts at £360; yet again many manufacturers will offer discounts of up to 20% or more.

Badger basket Cherry sleigh style baby changing table

This unit offers simplistic design coupled with the charm of dark and attractive wood. There are two trays situated conveniently under the changing table and unlike the examples already mentioned, this unit is extremely easy to move from one room in the house to another.

The recommended retail price of the Badger basket sleigh style unit is around £90 which is a great deal considering how attractive this particular baby changing table looks in a baby’s nursery.